Frequently Asked Questions

We get alot of common questions which we have tried to answer below but if you have any other questions you can contact us.

We manually contact every customer as part of our personal support approach, there is no automation or scripts here. Once you instruct us to setup your hosting account it will normally be ready within a couple working. If you require an account setup urgently, let us know and we can fast track the hosting setup for you.

Yes all migration support is completely free of charge as long as it's on a system we can support, for example wordpress or opencart. If you used a build it your self service it is not always possible to migrate a website away from them. We will let you know if their is any issues with migrating your website before we get started.

We no longer offer email as part of our web hosting accounts. We now recommend either Gmail for Business or Office 365 email services. Please ask your account manager for more information.

SSD Storage is up to 500% faster than traditional hard disks giving your websites faster performance and reliability.

We have a cluster of dedicated servers in a UK data centre. All of our servers are fully managed and provide exceptional speed and reliability.

We have dedicated backup servers working every day, taking frequent backups which gives us many points of failure in the event a website needs to be restored for any reason.

Every hosting account is assigned a personal account manager. You will be able to phone or email your personal account manager directly.

All of our server support is included for free, that is things like, server side security, server updates and maintenace, website backups etc. If you require support updating your website or making website amendments, we can assist you with this but this type of support is billiable.

We don't have any hard limits, if you exceed any of your package limitations we will bring it to your attention and give you some guideance. Sometimes with our guideance we can get you back under your package limits to avoid increasing costs. In other cases, an upgrade to the next package size is the only option.

Security is a top priority for us and we have a corporate license to install a pro version of one of the best wordpress security plugins which will help to protect your site against hackers amongst many other great features. We include this on all Wordpress hosted websites for free. This normally has a £90 per year fee if you purchased the plugin yourself.